Here is where I will post new legal essays as regularly as possible.  Interestingly, in spite of hundreds of years of laws by law makers and rulings by judges, there is an abundance of issues still relevant and interesting to discuss.  More importantly, new case decisions, laws, and regulations cause normal people headaches never conceived of a few decades ago.  This blog page is where I will take a few moments to address some of these interesting and thought-provoking legal developments and other subjects I think are important to my clients and readers considering legal action.

The blogs found in this section are my thoughts only, and are NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE LEGAL ADVICE.  If you are seeking legal assistance for an issue you are facing, I always recommend you seek competent legal counsel.  While I aim to post relevant and accurate content in the blogs herein, there are too many differences in statutes, jurisdictions and situations for anything I draft for these pages to be considered adequate legal guidance for any legal proceeding.  Enjoy.