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According to an article done by Yahoo Finance more than half of American adults with kids will die without a last will and testament. In legal terms, we say these people will die “intestate”. This is alarming to those of us in the legal community that know how devastating the aftermath of dying intestate can be for the loved ones left behind.

It is hard to think about our own demise especially for young adults with small children. The thought of not being there to see your kids grow up is hard to stomach, and it’s easy to put off the task until later. This is a risky gamble since most people are not put on notice that their time is fixing to be up. A will and other pre-need documents such as a living will are, by design, meant to be a guide for your loved ones in the event that you are unable to make these important decisions for yourself.

Another reason many people do not have a will is that they think they don’t need one. For many of us what we know about wills is based on what we’ve seen on television and in the movies. Like many other aspects of life, what we see on the screen is not mirrored in real life. Wills are not just for the rich. The average American adult will have assets that need to be probated after their death even if they don’t have millions in the bank. These assets include things such as a home, a vehicle and perhaps stocks in addition to their bank accounts. If you die intestate you are in essence leaving the state in charge of how those hard earn assets will be distributed to your heirs. Most people think that if they die intestate that all of their assets will go to their spouse. This is not the case if you have children as well as a spouse.

A third reason people tend to put off creating a will and other pre-need documents is the cost of creating tend. At Youngblood Law we believe so deeply in this investment in your family’s security that we have created will packages that cover you as completely as is possible under the law. We are always happy to offer convenient pricing and payment options because we want you and your family to be protected with a quality Last Will and Testament and other pre-need documents.

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