Many people have never heard of collaborative divorce.  For most folks divorce is associated with negative feelings such as anger, embarrassment, fear, and regret because divorce is generally associated with pain, despair and losing.  In many ways, a divorce is often an excellent opportunity for both parties to lose, whether it is losing assets, losing access to the kids, or both.

But what if there was another way to dissolve a marriage that has run its course?  What if you could work with your spouse to divide the assets fairly, and do what’s best for the kids? What if you could keep the divorce process out of the courts?  What if you had access to a financial professional and a counselor during the process so you could gain some extra advice to help make sound decisions?

Welcome to the collaborative divorce process!  In the next few weeks I will explore the collaborative divorce process including the features and benefits.  Obviously, collaborative divorce isn’t for everyone.  The system requires the parties to work together for an amicable solution.  Thus if you and your spouse cannot work together at all, then the collaborative process won’t work.

At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we always encourage people to make logical decisions that help to preserve assets and relationships.  We have always encouraged our clients to mediate contentions divorces prior to going to final trial because we believe that, if given a chance and some guidance, our clients are reasonable and rational enough to see the value in negotiating a settlement for a divorce.  The collaborative divorce process takes these ideas a step further and actually requires rational and reasonable negotiation, but the result is a much better chance of saving relationships with the kids, and preserving the assets of the family.

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