Youngblood Law, PLLC

Treat all clients the same?  Nope!  Take time to get to know YOU and work to solve YOUR problem?  YOU BET!

How do you feel when a retailer doesn’t work to make you a happy customer?  Have you ever “fired” a store because of a bad shopping experience?  I know I have.  Once a store shows me I am not important to them, I take my money and go to another retailer that treats me better.  I can buy shoes or a TV or a burger anywhere, but I choose to do business with people who appreciate me as a customer.

One of the ways I know a company doesn’t appreciate me is when I am treated like a number.  When the salesperson doesn’t care to hear my situation before offering to sell me something, I know I am not important.  Does the salesperson even care if I am buying the right product for my needs?

LEGAL HELP IS THE SAME WAY!!  How can a lawyer solve your legal problem if he doesn’t LISTEN TO YOU?  Here’s an example:

I recently had a client come to me needing a simple modification to his custody arrangement with his ex-wife.  The situation had changed, and now the child support plan didn’t make sense.  To make matters worse, the gentleman had been through three different law firms –including a big name firm specializing in divorces for male clients– during his divorce and had spent TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars only to eventually settle the divorce on his own.  His big name specialty law firm was nothing but a “divorce mill” who cranked out the same documents for every client.

So after spending WAY too much money with three different firms he came to me for his modification.  I was able to complete his matter efficiently and cost effectively because I did what HE NEEDED DONE.  I took the time to get to know him and his issue, and together we made a plan that fixed his legal problem.  Plus, I am confident that if he has any issues in the future he will call me first, because for me, he is my client, not just a number!

Who Is Youngblood Law, PLLC?

Paul N. Youngblood, Attorney & Counselor

Paul is a motivated attorney who pursues his clients’ cases with fervor.  But he is also a devoted father and husband, so he understands how families work in the real world, not just in code books.  In fact, Mr. Youngblood has been divorced and remarried, and has a son as well as a teen-aged step daughter he has raised since she was three years old.  Paul understands the demands, hardships, joys, and duties of being a family man.

He brings that understanding to his cases to help his clients through tough times.  Paul knows that most families have struggles from time to time, and puts the best interest of his clients first with his practice.  The first step is getting to know the client.  That means asking questions and listening to the answers.  But for Mr. Youngblood, talking and listening to clients comes easy.  Working with clients is the favorite part of his day.

Mr. Youngblood is a combat veteran who served in Iraq with the United States Army so you can trust him to deal with stressful situations in the courthouse!  He also gained real world work experience in retail management where he managed a multi-million dollar chain store with numerous employees and thousands of customers.  After management, Mr. Youngblood entered the realm of Public School Teaching.  As a teacher and coach, he was devoted to providing quality learning experiences in the classroom as well as the playing field, but his favorite part of teaching was working with the kids–never a dull moment!!

Paul received his B.S. from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX with a major in Police Science.  Paul’s Juris Doctor degree is from the Texas A&M University School of Law in beautiful down town Fort Worth.  Paul has been named as a Top Attorney in Fot Worth Magazine in 2015 and 2016.  A Texan born and raised, Paul has no plans to ever live outside the Great State of Texas again.

Kimberly Stoner, Attorney & Counselor

Kimberly Stoner has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 2004.  She received her Bachelor in Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Television and Electronic Media.  After she received her undergraduate degree, she received both a Juris Doctorate in Common Law and a Juris Doctorate in Civil law from Loyola School of Law in New Orleans.

Kimberly has been recognized in the community for her skills as a lawyer.  Most recently, she has been named Top Attorney in Tarrant County by Fort Worth Magazine and the 360 West Magazine.  She also was a guest speaker on KSKY’s 660 DFW Real Estate Show hosted by Bernie and Terri Christian.

She is an attorney that knows how to be a diplomat in the halls and a fighter in the courtroom.  She strives to continue to bring the high value of service which her clients have come to expect.

When she is not in the courtroom, she enjoys spending time with her husband Buddy Brock, her step-son Aiden and their chocolate lab Molly Dawg.

Lisa Abdulkareem, Paralegal

Lisa is the firm’s legal administrator. As the firm’s administrator she handles the firm’s day to day operations including case management, account management, human resources management, conduct research and many other crucial tasks important to firm.

She is also a certified paralegal and has been a paralegal for 17 years. She is knowledgeable with regards to all levels of courts and is experienced in several civil litigation practice areas including construction, real estate, probate, family law, commercial, insurance subrogation, product and premise liability and federal and state government. Lisa worked as a paralegal specialist for the federal government providing legal assistance to disaster victims and worked on a congressional inquiry team for Hurricane Katrina. Lisa received her Bachelor in Business Administration in Management from Texas A&M University in Commerce, TX. Lisa also received her postgraduate certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of North Texas.

On a personal note, Lisa enjoys serving on the Board of Directors as the Chairperson of Publications and Litigation for the Fort Worth Paralegal Association and on the Board of Directors as Co-Chair for Public Relations and Publications for the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division- District 3. She also volunteers within the community at various legal clinics. She is married with 2 children and 3 cats.

Veronica Luna

Veronica is a a crucial member of the team at Youngblood Law, PLLC.  Veronica is a trained court reporter with a keen eye for detail.  At Youngblood Law, she performs many tasks such as managing the firm’s calendar, contacting clients about updates with their cases, keeping an eye on client accounts to ensure the client always has funds on tap so the firm can push the client’s case forward, and much more.

Veronica worked as a paralegal for a criminal defense firm before joining Youngblood Law, PLLC, so she is well skilled at working with various courts to get things done for our clients.  Not much gets past Veronica, so you can be sure that if opposing counsel tries to pull something over on the firm, Veronica will see that coming a mile away.

The Practice

Youngblood Law proudly serves the Tarrant County area as well as parts of Denton, Wise, Johnson, and Parker counties in areas of the law in which many regular, everyday people will need legal help. The practice includes Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child Support, and CPS cases) and Wills and Probate (including Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, etc). We believe it is better to be really good at a few things, than to be minimally proficient at all sorts of cases, so we do not seek out personal injury, criminal defense, or other areas of law.  Still, feel free to contact Youngblood Law, PLLC if you have any legal matter, and if we cannot help you, we will point you in the right direction to find someone who can.