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There is a better way to divorce!

Our clients come to Youngblood Law, PLLC because they are ready to start their new happily ever after. Rejecting the typical expensive, stressful, and toxic divorce is fundamental at Youngblood Law, PLLC.  Instead, we focus on efficient, collaborative, and thoughtful solutions that benefit our clients long after the divorce is finished.  That’s Divorce Innovation.

Our Focus

Our focus is putting our clients in the best possible position to start building their new lives. At Youngblood Law, PLLC we believe our clients’ new happily ever after demands that we preserve their marital assets. More importantly, we must preserve their relationship with their children.  First we plan to achieve specific results that are crucial to our clients. Then we design a strategy for each client based on what the specific person needs.  Finally, we pour in the work needed to make our clients’ dreams come true.   That’s Divorce Innovation.

Our Method

Our clients want to live in the light, not roll in the mud, so we reject the typical toxic divorce.  Instead of letting the divorce process dictate to what we do, we choose how to move the case forward.  We choose to minimize conflict, reduce stress, and empower our clients to make decisions they can be proud of.  Because of our low conflict and efficient method, our clients can model grown-up behavior for their children during a tough time. That’s Divorce Innovation.

We never fear going to court for our clients.  When it is time to litigate, we do so with fervor.  We advocate for our clients fiercely with the expectation of winning in court.  However, we choose to save our clients the cost and stress of contentious hearings when we can.

Youngblood Law, PLLC welcomes opportunities to employ low-conflict legal strategies like mediation.  Therefore, we proudly offer the Collaborative Divorce model as an option for our clients.  Divorce Innovation means we happily help our clients solve legal problems as efficiently and quickly as possible.  While some firms pride themselves on their willingness to go to court, Youngblood Law, PLLC actively works to reduce expensive and stressful courtroom time.  That’s Divorce Innovation.

Our Commitment

Youngblood Law, PLLC is committed to top tier client care. One way we support our clients is with insights about the legal proceedings we face together.  Another way we empower our clients is by communicating about options and risks so our clients are always in control of their own destinies.  We also produce blogs and other educational literature to help our clients make informed decisions.  Finally, we have a robust network of vetted vendors and service providers in the community to support our clients because we know our clients have a life outside the courtroom.  That’s Divorce Innovation.

Five Star Reviews!

  • "Paul did an excellent job on my divorce case. Money well spent for peace of mind... which is a rare thing when dealing with a legal situation. Paul and his team were a wealth of knowledge and insight, and everything was handled in a prompt and professional manner. During a time of extreme stress and financial strain, knowing your case is being handled correctly is crucial!" R.M.
    5 Stars!
  • "Best experience ever with a law firm! Paul and Lisa went above and beyond for my family." H.C.
    5 Stars
  • "Many many thanks for the upmost professional legal service we have encountered thus far. Mr Paul and his team of legal professionals truly took our personal matters and made them their own." L.S.
  • "In a few details - Communication between offices Youngblood and I never miss. Preparedness, and efforts to explain what I needed; They made me feel really I was taking care of me and my domestic interests. Many thanks to the offices of Youngblood Law Firm." G.T.
    Many Thanks
  • "Attorney Youngblood was very thorough when it came to insuring that the answers he gave me to my questions were not just random but based on factual information. He took the time to research documents pertaining to the situation, and he even gave me advice for future use. This is an attorney that I would definitely recommend to others as well as use in the future." Name Withheld
    5 Stars
  • "Proud to have you represent me! You are the best and a God send! Wishing you many successful years!" C.M.
    5 Stars

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Dedicated to Family Law

Youngblood Law, PLLC, is a dedicated family law firm.  We prefer to be really good at family law not just minimally proficient at many areas of law.  We believe our clients deserve our dedication to the art of family law and prefer lawyers who eat, sleep, and dream family law.  Your new happily ever after demands our commitment to the practice of family law exclusively. That’s Divorce Done Differently!

We work all of our cases with the same goals of protecting assets and preserving relationships.  So whether you are facing a divorce or a child custody or child support case, you can trust Youngblood Law, PLLC.  Offering carefully tested and proven strategies and tactics for our clients, everything we do is designed to exceed client expectations! When you are ready for your New Happily Ever After, Youngblood Law, PLLC is here for you.

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