Five Star Reviews!

  • "Paul did an excellent job on my divorce case. Money well spent for peace of mind... which is a rare thing when dealing with a legal situation. Paul and his team were a wealth of knowledge and insight, and everything was handled in a prompt and professional manner. During a time of extreme stress and financial strain, knowing your case is being handled correctly is crucial!" R.M.
    5 Stars!
  • Best experience ever with a law firm! Paul and Lisa went above and beyond for my family.H.C.
    5 Stars
  • Many many thanks for the upmost professional legal service we have encountered thus far. Mr Paul and his team of legal professionals truly took our personal matters and made them their own. L.S.
  • In a few details - Communication between offices Youngblood and I never miss. Preparedness, and efforts to explain what I needed; They made me feel really I was taking care of me and my domestic interests. Many thanks to the offices of Youngblood Law Firm. G.T.
    Many Thanks

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Meet Our New Attorney

This is the page where most lawyers tell how their approach to law is different, or how they offer customized service for their clients, or how unique their practice is. What does any of that mean? So instead of those platitudes, I will use my home page to tell you about me.

I am a husband and father with a modest house in a quiet neighborhood so I understand what it’s like having everything you could ever want. I had a failed marriage over a decade ago that led to divorce so I have been through dark times too. I have been a school teacher, and a retail store manager so I know what it’s like to provide for your family on limited funds while working long hours. I am also a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom so I have seen true stress; other lawyers don’t make me nervous. Now I am a small business owner and entrepreneur so I know what it’s like to build something with your own two hands.

You see, unlike most lawyers, I have experience in the real world. We bring that experience to the courtroom for our clients because we know there is life, family, work, hobbies, and more outside the courthouse. When we say “At Youngblood Law, PLLC we do divorces for people who think about the future” we mean we understand that our clients have a FUTURE after their divorce. We focus on solutions that put our clients in the best possible position so they can get on with their lives after the legal proceedings are done.

How do you know if Youngblood Law, PLLC is the right law firm for you?

If you want a lawyer with real world experience in the workplace we could be the right firm for you. If you want a lawyer who has seen the stress of combat and doesn’t panic in court, we could be the law firm for you. If you want a lawyer who knows what it means to be a small business owner building a business by taking care of customers and building relationships, then Youngblood Law, PLLC could be your law firm.

Youngblood Law, PLLC is NOT the right law firm for you if:

You are seeking the “Low Price Leader” because we work for our clients. We are not a document mill;

You are seeking a lawyer who will do anything for a win.  We never sacrifice our standards or integrity for a client, and we do not work with clients who demand we do so;

You are seeking a law firm that has a reputation as the most expensive in town. We do not make-work or create work just so we can bill our clients more, or;

You are seeking a law firm that only has the “scorched earth” strategy.  We represent our clients in the way each individual client’s matter requires.

DivorceChild Custody and Child Support

Our first area of practice includes divorce and issues that accompany divorce such as child custody and child support. Divorce and the issues that surround it are the most talked about aspects of family law because they carry with them a lot of stress and emotion.

However, there IS LIFE AFTER a divorce!    That is why at Youngblood Law we assist our clients with thinking through how their lives are changing, and we assist them in making a plan for that change when needed. See our Divorce Page and Divorce Blogs for more information about how our approach to divorce is different.

If you are seeking a lawyer who is interested in treating each case like all the others you should look somewhere else for your attorney.  But if you want an attorney who plans and works for YOUR FUTURE you have come to the right place for counsel.  Rest assured a “scorched earth” strategy is only one way to handle a divorce.  If you care about your future relationships, finances, property and more, then call us today to discuss your case.

Youngblood Law, PLLC, is a dedicated family law firm.  We prefer to be really good at family law rather than minimally proficient at many areas of law.  We believe our clients deserve our dedication to the art of family law and prefer lawyers who eat, sleep and dream family law.  We also have a network of other attorneys who take on cases in legal areas we do not practice that we are happy to refer you to if you have alegal matter outside of our practice.  Call today for an appointment.

If you have a family law issue in one of the above areas, feel free to contact my office by phone or the Contact Us page. Don’t worry. You won’t find a hard sell here. We will work with you at your own pace. So if you need to start your case YESTERDAY, or you just want some basic information, we are happy to help you.

Proudly Serving Fort Worth and all of Tarrant County, Texas.

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