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If you are visiting this page because you are looking to enter divorce proceedings, let us first offer our condolences. Separating from your spouse is never an easy decision, and you are probably feeling overwhelmed given the intricacies of the process and the many questions and uncertainties that it entails.

Our Aledo divorce lawyers at Youngblood Law, PLLC believe in a collaborative approach to divorce in order to avoid the toxicity typically associated with the process. We believe that by prioritizing mediation and negotiation, we can achieve an agreeable outcome without the stress. Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation and we will guide you through the initial steps.


What Are Grounds For Divorce In Texas?

Texas is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you do not need a sanctioned reason to be granted a divorce. However, if you feel that your marital circumstances meet certain qualifications, you can apply for an at-fault divorce. Since Texas is also a community property state–meaning that assets in a divorce are divided evenly–petitioning for at-fault divorce means that you may be entitled to a greater portion of the assets.


Here are some reasons a judge might find your partner at fault in your divorce:


  • You have been abused by your spouse.
  • Your spouse cheated on you.
  • Your spouse has a felony conviction.
  • Your spouse abandoned you for more than one year.
  • Your spouse is mentally incapacitated.

These are not the only circumstances that are grounds for an at-fault divorce, but they are the most common ones. Moreover, divorces fall into two types: 


1. Uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse are on the same page regarding the division of child custody, alimony, etc. This type of divorce is generally very quick because the two parties are in alignment.


2. Contested divorce means that you and your spouse are not aligned on the terms of divorce and must resolve these important decisions via mediation, negotiation, or the courtroom process.

Whichever type of divorce is most relevant to your situation, it’s important to keep in mind that Texas law also mandates a 60-day cooling down period. This period is intended for the couple to attempt to reconcile and seek counseling, though it can also be used for you to sort out your personal affairs and seek counseling for yourself if you feel it’s needed. There are certain instances in which this period can be waived by a judge, particularly if you can offer evidence that your spouse has abused you.


Important Questions For The Divorce Process

Divorce is complex, and there are several issues that you will need to resolve as you go along. When you work with the talented Aledo divorce lawyers at Youngblood Law, PLLC, we will help guide you through some of the important considerations, such as: 


  • How will your assets and debt be divided?
  • Will one of you keep your home or will you sell it?
  • If you have children, who will have primary custody?
  • Related to the above, how will you split visitation? Or child support?
  • If you jointly own a business, how will your divorce affect its management?
  • Who will retain possession of your pets?
These questions and more are part of what makes divorce emotionally draining. However, with the help of our experienced and compassionate team, you will be able to confront these issues head-on with confidence that you are making well-informed choices.

Why Work With The Aledo Divorce Lawyers At Youngblood Law, PLLC?

At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we have a strong track record of favorable outcomes for our divorce clients. Additionally, we prioritize a strategy of non-adversarial conflict resolution, which helps to eliminate toxicity from the divorce process so you and your spouse can achieve a mutually beneficial separation and work on moving toward the next chapter in your life. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and get started on your path forward. 

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