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If you are considering divorce, we understand the pain that you are feeling. No one goes into a marriage expecting the eventual loss of their relationship. Even if you feel that this decision is the best one for you, the associated change is never easy and even the most liberating moments can still feel bittersweet.

With the help of our quality Arlington divorce lawyers, you can get what you need out of your divorce with less headache. At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we stand by your side and help you simplify a process that can seem insurmountable. We don’t want divorce to be the stressor you likely imagine, which is why our approach prioritizes mediation and negotiation and seeks to eliminate pointless fighting and pain. Don’t mistake us for pacifists, however–we are firmly on your side in this fight, and we will represent you fiercely in court if the need arises. 

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Are You Ready For Divorce?

Deciding on divorce is, unfortunately, only the first of several difficult decisions that you will have to make. Whether your divorce is amicable or you can’t stand the sight of each other, there are some things that you will have to mutually decide throughout the process, including:

  • If you have children, how will custody be divided?
  • How much child support will be paid?
  • Will either party receive alimony?
  • How will assets be divided?
  • If you own a house, will one of you keep it or will it be sold?
  • If you own a business together, will your business partnership be affected?
  • Who will keep your pets?

Your answers to these questions and your ability to agree with your ex on them will determine what type of divorce the two of you will pursue. 

If the two of you are in agreement over essential questions such as these, you have an uncontested divorce, which means that you will not need to submit to processes of mediation, negotiation, or litigation before a judge. This type of divorce tends to be quicker and cheaper, and you do not even need to see the inside of a courtroom.

When you and your spouse cannot agree on these issues, you will go through a contested divorce. When your divorce is contested, you need to try to resolve your differences. If you cannot do so through mediation and negotiation, a judge will decide for you, which is when you will find our Arlington divorce lawyers most essential. 

Grounds For Divorce In Texas

Since Texas is a no-fault divorce state, you do not need to submit a reason to be granted a divorce. However, if you can prove that your ex committed fault in your divorce, it can affect how your assets are divided. For example, you might want to try to prove that your relationship dissolved due to one of these issues: 

  • Your spouse cheated on you
  • Your spouse abused you
  • Your spouse abused your child or someone else in your life
  • Your spouse committed a felony
  • Your spouse abandoned you for more than a year
  • Your spouse suffers from a substance addiction
  • Your spouse suffers from a debilitating mental illness
  • Your spouse is otherwise incapacitated

If you can prove that one of these faults occurred in your marriage, a judge might choose to award you more money or other essential assets such as your home. 

One divorce step you should note is that Texas requires a waiting period of 60 days before your divorce can be finalized. The purpose of this mandatory waiting period is for you and your ex to reconcile. If you do not reconcile, the divorce can proceed once the time is up. This period can be waived in exceptional circumstances, such as if you are divorcing due to spousal abuse.

Our Arlington Divorce Lawyers Are On Your Side

At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we will work with you using strategies that are both effective and non-toxic. We will try to keep your divorce as stress-free as possible, while also advocating for you in court when it’s needed. Reach out to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you meet your divorce goals and get your life back on track.

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