Do-It-Yourself Divorce CYA Support Center

Wanting a Do-It-Yourself Divorce but want to make sure you CYA while saving money?  What if you could get instruction from licensed Texas divorce attorneys to help you get your divorce right and help you avoid the most common devastating mistakes?

Did you know that Youngblood Law, PLLC offers a video series complete with forms and instruction to help you CYA on your DIY divorce?

Do-It-Yourself divorce seems attractive to many people who are looking to save money on expensive lawyers. However, there are some common mistakes people too frequently make in their DIY divorce. Want to learn how to avoid the 3 most common DIY Divorce mistakes? Learn how to CYA in your DIY Divorce!

Watch our FREE video to discover how to identify and avoid three common mistakes made in a Do-it-Yourself divorce.

1. Learn about the importance of enforceability, why you need it, and how you get it.

2. Identify the risks of the fill-in-the-blank forms the State of Texas provides.

3. Avoid the common mistakes that could be devastating to you as you start your new life after the divorce.

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