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Short Answer: Very Likely

Many people have the mistaken belief that having a will is something that old rich people do.  However, having an up-to-date will is important for many people.  The solemn truth is that on any given day, there is not guarantee that any of us will make home to our family.  What legal and financial condition will we leave our family in if we were to die today? That is the foundational question behind the need for a will.  Check the following list to see if any of the descriptions fit you.

  • I’m married with minor children who will need a guardian and/or a trustee
  • I’m married with adult children that I want to inherit directly from me
  • I’m divorced, and I have primary custody of one or more minor children
  • I’m divorced, and my ex-spouse has primary custody of one or more of our minor children.
  • I am married but I have a child from a prior relationship
  • I am a step-parent for a child I love like my own, but I have no biological children
  • I am unmarried, but I have a child that I want to provide for

If any of these traits fit you, then you know you need a will.  You should note that none of the above traits have to do with wealth or age; they have to do with relationships.  A person with children and/or a spouse is plenty old to qualify for a will.  Having a will helps make sure that your loved ones are taken care of in the way you want to take care of them after you are gone regardless of your age or wealth.

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