Short Answer: The Price Varies

Once you realize that you need a will, the next question is often how much does a will cost. You may be tempted to purchase a do-it-yourself kit.  At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we never recommend self-help legal work, and testamentary documents are not an exception.  For more information on why we discourage DIY will kits, click here.  There is value in paying an attorney to make sure that your will reflects your true intent and that it is executed with Wills Act formalities.

It may be helpful to think of your will as a type of insurance. The value of the document is that it insures that your wishes are carried out once you can no longer insure this for yourself. The difference between a will and other types of insurance, is that you pay monthly fees for most other types of insurance and you hope to never use it, while a properly drafted will can last many years and it’s an item that you will someday use.

In truth, there is a wide range of pricing for attorney drafted wills. At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we have created three distinct will packages, our Basic Package, our Standard Package, and our Ultimate package.  Each package is designed to offer features to meet our clients’ needs while fitting into various price points.  We also offer individual documents as needed by our clients.  In addition to the packages and a la cart offerings, we offer payment plans to allow our clients who want a will to spread the cost of the will over a few months so the clients can work a valuable set of documents into their budgets.

Youngblood Law, PLLC is a Fort Worth, Texas family law firm that uses a holistic approach to help people get on with their new life by getting done with their old life.  We believe having a thoughtful will package is family law, and we offer a robust selection of testamentary and other documents our clients need to confidently move on with their new lives.  This essay is intended for educational use only, and is not a replacement for competent legal counsel.  If you are facing a family law matter, we recommend obtaining competent legal counsel like Youngblood Law, PLLC.  For more information, contact us at 817-601-5345, find us on the web at, or on your mobile device, open your browser and type in and press Go.

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