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Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new concept many people have never heard of. Most folks know divorce by its negative feelings like anger, embarrassment, fear, and regret. Divorce is often associated with pain, despair and losing.  Frequently, a divorce is a great opportunity for both parties to lose–lose assets, lose access to the kids, or both. But Collaborative Divorce is a low-conflict divorce alternative that can really help people who need a divorce but want to avoid the typical ugly and expensive divorce process.

There’s an Alternative.

Some people delay filing a divorce they need because they fear the normal divorce process.  Who can blame them for wanting to avoid all the ugly things that often characterize divorce?  There is hope! There is another way to dissolve a marriage that has run its course.

Unlike traditional divorce, in a Collaborative Divorce you work with your spouse do what’s best for the kids. Likewise, you work with your spouse to divide the assets fairly.  Want to keep your private family business private? With a Collaborative Divorce, you can keep the divorce process out of the courts completely so you never have to take the witness stand.    Additionally, Collaborative Divorce even helps by providing a financial professional and a counselor to help the parties make sound decisions! How cool is that?

Welcome to the Collaborative Divorce process!

In the next few weeks we will explore the features and benefits of the Collaborative Divorce process.  Obviously, Collaborative Divorce isn’t for everyone.  The system requires the parties to work together for a thoughtful solution.  Fundamentally, if you and your spouse cannot work together at all, then the collaborative process won’t work.

We always encourage divorce clients to make logical decisions to help preserve assets and relationships.  Our clients see the value in negotiating a settlement for a divorce.  We prefer for our clients to control their own destiny instead of leaving their lives to chance in court.  The Collaborative Divorce process takes these ideas a step further.  Collaborative Divorce requires rational and reasonable diplomacy by both parties.  The result is a much better chance of saving relationships with the kids and preserving the marital assets.

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