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In recent weeks we have begun discussing the collaborative divorce process.  If you missed the previous installments in this series, you can find them here and here.  Last week we briefly discussed the professionals who make up the collaborative team.

In my last blog I discussed that the Financial Professional (FP) and the Mental Health Professional (MHP) remain neutral during the proceeding.  This means these professionals do not take the side of either spouse during the process.  In fact, we refer to these people as “Neutrals” within the process.  For example, when lawyers who are collaboratively trained talk about the process, when we discuss the Neutrals, we understand we are talking about the FP and MHP in the case.

Of course, the lawyers are not neutral.  As always, the lawyers have an absolute duty to their clients.  This duty includes confidentiality and the attorney/client privilege.  We take our client’s side and advocate for our client.  But within the collaborative divorce process, how we advocate for our client is completely different from how we would do it in the courtroom in a contested hearing.  One way we advocate for our client is to ensure that if a Neutral does something during one of the meetings that doesn’t seem perfectly neutral, we must call the MHP or FP out on that behavior to ensure the Neutral stays completely neutral.

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