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The proper mindset for divorce is forward-thinking

Every year when the New Year gets close, we start thinking ahead and making resolutions.  Most of the time our resolutions evolve around losing some weight, eating healthier, or maybe exercising more.  But what if we are facing a serious life event in 2018?  Perhaps we need to resolve to do some bigger, more important life style changes.

In the case of a divorce, we believe that some very big resolutions are in order.  A divorce is a life changing event that changes all sorts of aspects of the typical person’s life.  Certainly, the marital relationship changes.  Likewise, the relationship between the spouses and the children are changed forever.  But many people don’t think about the financial and logistical changes that result from divorce. For a discussion of Logistical Considerations in Divorce, see here.

Most people end up moving out of the marital residence during or immediately following the divorce.  As a result, new living arrangements must be made, and there is no shortage of costs involved in the change of residence.  The financial changes that follow a divorce include, but are not limited to, rent/mortgage, utilities, parking, increased or decreased fuel cost for driving further or shorter distance to work, childcare costs, and more.

At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we are on a mission to help people make these changes efficiently and as painlessly as possible.  So we like to ask people “What do you WANT?” or “What kind of life do you WANT to live?”  We see divorce as a time to help our clients redefine their lives in the way they WANT.  We call it defining your “new normal.”  We believe that since changes are coming to our clients’ lives through divorce, why not change the way they WANT?

If you are facing a divorce, consider the following questions:

  • What kind of relationship do you WANT with your kids?
  • What kind of house/apartment do you WANT for your residence?
  • What neighborhood do you WANT to live in?
  • What job do you WANT?
  • What kind of income do you WANT?
  • How much time off do you WANT per year?
  • What traits do you WANT in people you will date in the future?

Note:  All of these questions are based on what you WANT, not just what you might find or stumble into.  Think about what you WANT, then make a plan for how you will get there.

Some decisions you could make would require several steps to make it happen.  For example, if you decide you WANT a job that pays $100,000.00 per year, then will you need a new degree?  Will you need to change jobs or career fields to get to the job?  Put a plan into action and start working toward it.

At the New Year we all look forward to new opportunities, but if you are facing a divorce, you have MORE opportunity than most people to make changes to define your “new normal.”  We recommend people who are getting a divorce make a plan to get themselves into the life they WANT, not just what life they may fall into.

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Youngblood Law, PLLC is a Fort Worth, Texas family law firm focusing on helping working people define their “new normal” through divorce.  This essay is intended for educational use only, and is not a replacement for competent legal counsel. If you are facing a family law matter, we recommend obtaining competent legal counsel like Youngblood Law, PLLC. For more information contact us at 817-601-5345, find us on the web at, or on your mobile device, open your browser and type in and press Go. Find us on Facebook at

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