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Child Support in Fort Worth

Separation and divorce always pose challenges, but those issues are amplified when children are involved. Parents have to sort out various matters, including child support. Both parents are obligated to support their kids, but they often disagree on the amount. Our Fort Worth child support lawyers can advocate for you and your child. We strive to create solutions outside of the courtroom, sparing kids from the intense emotions involved in court proceedings. Even if you feel like the other parent is unwilling to negotiate, we can still attempt to find a solution.

While we employ non-adversarial conflict resolution techniques, we are also experienced in the courtroom. Our child support lawyers in Fort Worth will prepare for litigation while negotiating with the other party. Whether we are inside or outside of the courtroom, we will put your children’s needs first.

Factors That Determine Child Support

Judges have some discretion when setting child support payments in Texas. However, they typically consider the:

  • Obligor’s adjusted net income
  • Number of children who require support in the current case
  • Additional children the obligor supports
  • Special needs of the children

Determining Child Support

Texas judges use child support guidelines to determine how much the obligor must pay. Generally, obligators pay 20 percent of their net resources if they are supporting one child. If two children require support, the standard is 25 percent of the net resources.

However, judges have discretion when setting child support payments and consider other factors. These factors include school tuition, medical needs, the amount of time the child spends in each home, and spousal support obligations. These are just some of the numerous factors the judge can consider.

Parents can also create child support agreements outside of the courtroom. Our Fort Worth child support lawyers will help you explore all of your options, including mediation. Then, we will help you care for your child by creating a fair child support agreement.

Resolving Back Child Support Issues

Are you behind on child support and want to make it right? Your child support obligation weighs heavily on your mind, and you’re ready to catch up on payments. You are also concerned about the legal ramifications of not paying. You could lose visitation or custody rights and have to pay financial penalties. In addition, the judge could sentence you to jail.

Our Fort Worth child support lawyers will review your case and explore possible options. Then, your attorney will work with the courts to come to an agreement. This might include a lump sum payment to catch up or a payment plan. With an attorney’s help, you might be able to avoid penalties and fines. This issue isn’t going to go away, so reach out immediately to discuss solutions.

Why Choose Youngblood Law

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Child Support Modifications

If you’ve experienced a significant change in circumstances, you might be eligible to modify your child support agreement. For example, if the obligor gets a higher-paying job or your child’s needs have changed, your Fort Worth child support lawyers can help you get more money. On the other hand, if you’re the obligor and have lost your job, we can help you reduce payments until you get back on your feet.

Child Support Enforcement

Unfortunately, some parents don’t meet their child support obligations. If the other party refuses to pay, your Fort Worth child support lawyer can step in and help. We can work directly with the other parent or escalate the case to state officials if necessary. Your child needs these payments for basic needs and activities, so contact your lawyer immediately. If you are the parent who is behind on payments, we can often help you avoid jail time and other penalties for non-payment. Let us examine your facts to make a plan to get you on the right track for your child support obligation.

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