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People You Could Meet During a Divorce20190525113029

People You Could Meet During a Divorce

May 25, 2019
Most people probably don't think of all the new people that they might meet while going through a divorce. This blog discusses some common people who...
There’s Informal “Mediation”, and Then There’s Real Mediation20190302115223

There’s Informal “Mediation”, and Then There’s Real Mediation

March 2, 2019
Mediation is a term we use in family law cases all the time.  Many, if not most, contested family law cases settle at mediation.  But when we discus...
Same Sex Divorce in Texas20190211182350

Same Sex Divorce in Texas

February 11, 2019
Same sex divorce is a relatively new concept in Texas.  Until just a few years ago Texas failed to recognize same sex marriage at all.  Consequently...
Ultra-Cheap Divorces: Hidden Risks20190209123054

Ultra-Cheap Divorces: Hidden Risks

February 9, 2019
You may have seen signs like the one pictured above while driving around town.  Or if you have searched for divorce information on Google, you may ha...
Agreements Outside of Court Orders20190204153319

Agreements Outside of Court Orders

February 4, 2019
Court orders tell litigants how to behave and proceed in family law cases.  Consequences follow for people who choose not to follow court orders.  S...
Your Safety in Family Law Cases20190128160225

Your Safety in Family Law Cases

January 28, 2019
Within the legal community there’s a strong belief that family law cases are frequently more dangerous than criminal cases.  The adage goes: in cri...
Attorney’s Fees in Family Law20190123165410

Attorney’s Fees in Family Law

January 23, 2019
Attorney’s fees are a remedy available in family law cases in Texas.  However, the courts don’t always award attorney’s fees.  So how do attor...
Analysis: Do You Need A Lawyer20190123162946

Analysis: Do You Need A Lawyer

January 23, 2019
Scenario 1: You Have Been Served with a SuitIf you have been served with papers for a family law case, there is a court date in your near future.  So...
Dating During Divorce and Custody20190113170416

Dating During Divorce and Custody

January 13, 2019
How Dating Affects the Children and Your Case Should you date during your divorce?     You CAN date during your divorce.  That does not mean you S...
Can You Date During Your Divorce?20190113092609

Can You Date During Your Divorce?

January 13, 2019
Can you date during your divorce? Did you know that most people who file for divorce have been considering it for two years?  Most people  file for ...
Dangers of Fathers’ Rights Lawyers20181129175927

Dangers of Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

November 29, 2018
Fathers’ rights attorneys promise to aggressively fight for their clients.  Show me a client who doesn’t want zealous representation. But what do...
Temporary Orders: How Temporary Are They?20181103191643

Temporary Orders: How Temporary Are They?

November 3, 2018
Temporary orders represent a normal step in most family law cases.  But the term “temporary” in this context doesn’t mean what we think it mean...