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Family Law

Family law matters are among the most emotionally charged of all legal issues. It’s hard to separate the emotion from the legal process when going through a divorce…


There are few things more stressful than ending a marriage. After spending time together, you now must find a way to separate your lives and move forward. The challenges…

Collaborative Divorce

You never imagined that your marriage would break down, and now, you’re likely worried about the next steps. You don’t want to go through a contentious legal battle…

Child Custody

Navigating through the legal and emotional complexities at the end of a relationship is always challenging. However, the challenges are even more overwhelming when…

Protective Order

Your home should be a safe place that you share with people you love and trust. Sometimes, though, household members break the trust and become violent. Domestic…

Domestic Violence

Intimate partner violence is a much bigger problem than many people realize. In Texas alone, 40.1 percent of women and 34.9 percent of men will experience domestic…

Child Support

Separation and divorce always pose challenges, but those issues are amplified when children are involved. Parents have to sort out various matters, including child…


Few, if any, things are more rewarding than adopting a child. However, the adoption process is quite stressful, with numerous hurdles to navigate before receiving parental…

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