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Child Custody in Fort Worth

Navigating through the legal and emotional complexities at the end of a relationship is always challenging. However, the challenges are even more overwhelming when children are involved. You want what’s best for your children, which means you don’t want to go through a contentious legal battle. Instead, you want a non-adversarial resolution so your children can begin adjusting to the new normal. Our Fort Worth child custody lawyer understands your concerns and can use dispute resolution strategies to help you avoid the courtroom. However, our firm will be ready for court to fight for you and your children if the other side refuses to negotiate in good faith.

Youngblood Law, PLLC strives to make the process as easy for children and parents as possible. We know this is an emotionally charged time, so let us assist you. Contact our Fort Worth child custody lawyer today for more information.

Child Custody Matters

Our Fort Worth child custody lawyer can assist with numerous legal matters. These issues include:

  • Sole and joint custody
  • Custody schedules
  • Visitation
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Paternity

Child Custody Mediation

Our Fort Worth child custody lawyer typically begins with negotiation and mediation. You might think that the divide between you and the other parent is too great, but you can likely benefit from non-adversarial resolution strategies. With help from an experienced family lawyer, parents can often come together and agree when they realize it’s in the best interest of the child.

By mediating and negotiating, you will spare your child the emotional rollercoaster of the courtroom. Also, you and the other parent have more flexibility when choosing a custody arrangement.

Your lawyer will consult with you to find out what you want out of the agreement. You can determine what’s most important and what you’re willing to negotiate. Then, your lawyer will work with the other side to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom.

Legal Considerations In Child Custody Cases

If your child custody case goes to court, the judge will decide how to divide time. Many times, the judge will meet with your child if he or she is 12 or older. While your child cannot choose where to live, he or she will have input in the decision. Also, the judge will consider the wishes of both parents, along with other factors.

Other factors include the relationship between the child and parents, the home environment, and how the child has adjusted to both households. Finally, the judge will determine if there is a history of domestic violence or drug use. Your Fort Worth child custody lawyer can present evidence to support your desired arrangement.

Why Choose Youngblood Law

Modifying Child Custody Agreements

Texas law is designed to ensure that the best interests of the child are met when executing child custody agreements. However, sometimes, circumstances change, and the existing agreement no longer meets those needs. When that happens, your Fort Worth child custody lawyer can help you get a modification. For instance, if the other parent is abusive, dealing with substance abuse, or incarcerated, we can fight to modify custody to protect the child.

Can You Relocate?

If you are the custodial parent and need to relocate, your child custody attorney can assist you with the legal process. First, your attorney can help you obtain consent from the other parent. Then, your Fort Worth child custody lawyer can assist in creating a new visitation schedule. The judge must approve the schedule before you can relocate. If approved, you are free to move to a new location.

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