Threats of “Full Custody” in a Divorce20191103100414

Threats of “Full Custody” in a Divorce

Sometimes a parent, for whatever reason, will get “full custody” of the kids during a divorce.  However, many parents threaten to take “full cu...
Will My Evidence Be Used in Court?20191014113440

Will My Evidence Be Used in Court?

Many people don’t know what evidence might be used in a family law hearing. Obviously, most parents don’t know what to expect in any given hearing...
Common Law Marriage In Texas20190713105512

Common Law Marriage In Texas

Common law marriage in Texas comes up more than you might think.   Many people know someone who is common law married.  Or, at least that person th...
Who Does The Attorney General Work For?20190624130852

Who Does The Attorney General Work For?

Family law litigants frequently misunderstand the role the Office of Attorney General (OAG) plays in cases.  Far too many people think the OAG wo...
There’s Informal “Mediation”, and Then There’s Real Mediation20190302115223

There’s Informal “Mediation”, and Then There’s Real Mediation

Mediation is a term we use in family law cases all the time.  Many, if not most, contested family law cases settle at mediation.  But when we discus...
Same Sex Divorce in Texas20190211182350

Same Sex Divorce in Texas

Same sex divorce is a relatively new concept in Texas.  Until just a few years ago Texas failed to recognize same sex marriage at all.  Consequently...
Ultra-Cheap Divorces: Hidden Risks20190209123054

Ultra-Cheap Divorces: Hidden Risks

You may have seen signs like the one pictured above while driving around town.  Or if you have searched for divorce information on Google, you may ha...
Agreements Outside of Court Orders20190204153319

Agreements Outside of Court Orders

Court orders tell litigants how to behave and proceed in family law cases.  Consequences follow for people who choose not to follow court orders.  S...
Your Safety in Family Law Cases20190128160225

Your Safety in Family Law Cases

Within the legal community there’s a strong belief that family law cases are frequently more dangerous than criminal cases.  The adage goes: in cri...
Attorney’s Fees in Family Law20190123165410

Attorney’s Fees in Family Law

Attorney’s fees are a remedy available in family law cases in Texas.  However, the courts don’t always award attorney’s fees.  So how do attor...