What Can Child Support Be Used For in Texas?

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Whether you’re going through a divorce or separation, one of the crucial aspects that need to be settled is child support. When it comes to child support in Texas, understanding what expenses this financial aid can cover is essential. As experienced Fort Worth child support attorneys, we can shed light on these important aspects, promoting clarity and responsible financial management to benefit the children involved in these types of cases. 

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Your Guide to What Child Support Covers in Fort Worth, TX

When a court orders a parent to pay child support in Texas, the aim is to ensure that the child’s basic needs are met. The Texas Family Code outlines the allowable uses for a child support payment, which encompass a wide range of expenses that contribute to a child’s overall well-being and development including: 


  • Housing expenses: This includes the cost of rent or mortgage payments, as well as utilities such as electricity, water, and gas. It is crucial for a child to have a safe and stable living environment, and child support helps to ensure that this need is met.
  • Cost of food and groceries: A child’s nutritional needs are essential for their growth and development, and child support helps to provide for these needs. This includes not only the cost of groceries but also dining out or ordering takeout on occasion.
  • Clothing and personal care items: Children grow quickly, and their clothing needs constantly change. Child support helps to ensure that children have appropriate clothing for all seasons and occasions. This includes everything from everyday clothing to special event attire.
  • Education: This includes the cost of school supplies, textbooks, and tuition fees. It also extends to extracurricular activities such as sports, music lessons, or art classes. Child support helps to provide children with opportunities to explore their interests and develop their skills.
  • Healthcare expenses: This includes the cost of health insurance premiums, doctor visits, prescription medications, and any necessary medical treatments or therapies. It is crucial for children to have access to quality healthcare, and child support helps to ensure that they receive the necessary medical attention.
  • Transportation expenses: This includes the cost of maintaining a vehicle, fuel costs, and public transportation fees. It is important for children to have reliable transportation to school, extracurricular activities, and medical appointments. Child support helps to provide for these transportation needs.
  • Childcare expenses: This includes the cost of daycare, babysitters, or after-school programs. Child support recognizes the importance of providing children with a safe and nurturing environment when parents are unable to be present due to work or other commitments.

Child support in Fort Worth, TX, covers a wide range of expenses that contribute to a child’s overall well-being and development. From housing and food to education and healthcare, child support ensures that children have their basic needs met and provides them with opportunities to thrive. The Texas Family Code outlines these allowable uses for the parent receiving child support, emphasizing the importance of supporting the child’s best interests.

Legal Framework Around Child Support Uses by a Family Law Attorney in Fort Worth

Child support is governed by specific laws and regulations put forth by the state of Texas. Having a family law attorney in Fort Worth can help you navigate these regulations and ensure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to paying child support.


When it comes to child support, the state of Texas follows guidelines that are designed to ensure that children receive adequate financial support from both parents. These child support guidelines take into account various factors such as the income of both parents, the number of children involved, and any special needs the child may have.

Roles of a Family Law Attorney in Child Support Cases

A family law attorney plays a crucial role in child support cases in Fort Worth, just as they do in many other jurisdictions. Youngblood Law, PLLC, can provide essential legal services and support for individuals involved in child support matters. Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities of our family law lawyers in Fort Worth child support cases:


  • Legal Counsel: Our family law attorneys provide legal advice and guidance to our clients, explaining the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures related to child support in Fort Worth. We help our clients understand their rights and obligations.
  • Child Support Calculation: Our attorneys assist in calculating the appropriate amount of child support, taking into consideration various factors such as each parent’s income, the child’s needs, and the Texas Child Support Guidelines. We ensure that child support orders are fair and accurate.
  • Negotiation: Family law attorneys at Youngblood Law, PLLC negotiate on behalf of our clients with the other party or their attorney to reach an amicable agreement regarding child support. This negotiation can involve discussing the amount of support, the payment schedule, and other relevant terms.
  • Mediation: If negotiation fails, we may recommend mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. We can represent our clients during mediation sessions and work to facilitate a mutually agreeable child support arrangement.
  • Court Representation: If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, our family law attorneys will represent our clients in court. We prepare and present the case, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected and that the court considers all relevant information.
  • Modification of Child Support: Our attorneys can assist our clients in seeking modifications to child support orders when there is a significant change in circumstances, such as a change in income or the child’s needs. We file the necessary legal documents and represent our clients in court to request modifications.
  • Enforcement of Child Support: When one parent fails to pay child support as ordered, our attorneys can help the custodial parent enforce the order. This may involve seeking court-ordered enforcement measures, such as wage garnishment or property liens.
  • Child Support Collection: Our attorneys can assist with the collection of child support payments, ensuring that the payments are made on time and in the correct amount.
  • Legal Advice and Support: Throughout the child support case, our family law attorneys offer emotional support and legal advice to our clients. We answer questions, provide updates on the case’s progress, and offer guidance on how to navigate the legal system.
  • Compliance with Local Laws: Fort Worth family law attorneys at Youngblood Law, PLLC are well-versed in Texas and Fort Worth-specific child support laws, ensuring that our clients’ cases are handled in compliance with local regulations.

Child support is a complex legal issue governed by specific laws and regulations. Having a family law attorney in Fort Worth can help you navigate this legal framework, understand your rights and responsibilities, and ensure that your child receives the financial support they need. Whether you are seeking to establish, modify, or enforce a child support order, Youngblood Law, PLLC,  can provide the guidance and representation you need.

The Texas Family Code and Child Support Allowable Uses

The Texas Family Code clearly outlines the various expenses that child support can cover. These include but are not limited to:


  • Food and groceries
  • Housing and utilities
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Medical and dental support
  • Education expenses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Transportation and travel costs for visitation

This comprehensive list ensures that child support encompasses not only the essentials but also other aspects that contribute to a child’s growth and well-being.

How a Fort Worth Child Support Attorney Defines Basic Necessities

Within the realm of child support, basic necessities refer to the fundamental needs that each child requires for their daily life. This includes adequate nutrition, clothing, and a safe living environment. Additionally, child support payments can also be used to cover utility bills and other costs associated with maintaining a residence.

Medical and Healthcare Expenses Clarified by Your Family Law Attorney in Fort Worth

Child support can help cover medical and dental insurance and healthcare expenses for your child. These costs may include doctor visits, prescription medications, dental care, vision care, and mental health services. It’s essential to consult with our  knowledgeable family law attorneys in Fort Worth to ensure that these expenses are adequately addressed in your child support agreement.

Educational Expenses and Child Support in Fort Worth TX

Education is a vital aspect of a child’s development, and child support can contribute towards the cost of education. This includes expenses related to school tuition, textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, and any other necessary educational materials. By providing financial support for education, child support helps ensure that your child has access to quality learning opportunities.

Child Support and Extracurricular Activities in Fort Worth

Participating in extracurricular activities is crucial for a child’s social, emotional, and physical development. Child support can cover the costs associated with participating in these activities, such as sports fees, club memberships, music lessons, and art classes. By supporting your child’s extracurricular pursuits, you are providing them with opportunities to explore their interests and develop essential life skills.

The Scope of Housing and Utilities in Child Support

Child support can contribute to housing and utility expenses, ensuring that your child has a safe and stable living environment. This includes rent or mortgage payments, property taxes, home insurance, and utility bills such as electricity, water, and gas. Providing adequate housing is essential for your child’s well-being and overall development.

Can Child Support Cover Travel Expenses for Visitation in Fort Worth

Child support may also cover transportation and travel expenses when it comes to visitation arrangements. If the noncustodial parent lives far away, child support can assist the custodial parent with the costs of transportation, such as plane tickets or gas money for driving long distances. This ensures that your child has the opportunity to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Enforcement of Proper Child Support Use with a Fort Worth Child Support Attorney

Child support is intended for the benefit and well-being of the child, and its proper use is crucial. If you suspect that child support is not being utilized appropriately, getting the assistance of a Fort Worth child support attorney from our law firm can help ensure enforcement and accountability. We can guide you through legal steps to address misuse and help protect your child’s best interests.

Modifying Child Support Agreements in Fort Worth TX

In certain circumstances, child support agreements may need to be modified due to changes in financial circumstances or the needs of the child. Our Fort Worth child support attorneys can assist you in navigating the legal process of modifying child support to ensure that it accurately reflects the current situation and continues to meet your child’s needs.

Legal Steps for Addressing Misuse with a Family Law Attorney in Fort Worth

If you suspect that child support funds are being misused, it’s essential to consult with a family law attorney in Fort Worth. They can guide you through the legal steps necessary to address the misuse and protect your child’s well-being. By taking appropriate action, you can ensure that child support is being used for its intended purpose.


Child support in Texas covers a wide range of expenses that contribute to a child’s overall well-being and development. From basic necessities to education, medical expenses, and extracurricular activities, child support plays a crucial role in providing financial support to meet these various needs. By understanding the legal framework surrounding child support uses, you can ensure that your child receives the support they need for a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Child support plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being and future of children in Texas. Knowing how these funds can be used is essential for parents to ensure their children’s needs are adequately addressed. By upholding the intended purposes of child support and seeking legal guidance from a child support attorney when needed, parents in Fort Worth can contribute to their child’s overall welfare, promoting a stable and supportive environment during and after divorce or separation.


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