There is a better way to divorce. That's Divorce innovation

Family Law Focused. Client Centered.

Family law is what we do.  We believe it is better to be really good at one thing rather than just being okay at everything.  At Youngblood Law, PLLC, we know where our heart is.  Our heart is for helping people through tough family law cases.  What we do is create value for our clients by focusing on family law. Designing strategies and tactics around family law means less wasted work and more efficient processes.

Family law cases feature high risk.  Typically, a marital estate includes a house, cars, and retirement plans.  These possessions frequently add up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most family cases also include children.  Preserving parent-child relationships is crucial. Decisions made in court effect parents and children for decades. What we do is keep conflict low to protect assets and preserve relationships.

Your family law case demands lawyers who eat, sleep, and dream family law.  In the same way primary care doctors refer patients to specialists, other lawyers refer friends and clients to us. Our experience in family law translates into a depth of understanding general practice lawyers cannot match. Family law: It’s what we do.

Our Philosophy Guides Everything We Do

We reject the typical family law toxicity.  We always work to keep things simple, efficient, and emotionally balanced.  Whether we are working a complex divorce or a contested child custody case, we work to keep conflict low.  Our clients want a new happily ever after.  Helping our clients achieve their dreams is what we do. Our proven strategies move our clients forward, while minimizing emotional turmoil and legal risks.