The day an adoption is finalized in court is one of the most exciting days a family can experience.  Taking a person who previously had no family and establishing an official family relationship with a new name and all can be the best thing to ever happen for an adoptee.

Sadly, many people have the impression that adoptions are extremely expensive and difficult, when in reality it is entirely possible to adopt a child for less than the cost of a single one-week vacation.  It is true that the laws in Texas regulating adoption are complex, and there are many potential problems along the way.  You should have an attorney to guide you through the process.  A competent attorney will help keep the process as smooth and speedy as possible.

Youngblood Law, PLLC offers legal services for adoption from foster care, kinship adoptions, stepparent adoptions, and even adoption from private adoption service companies.  Adoptions are one of my very favorite things to help families with, and I look forward to speaking with you about your adoption!  Call today to set up a consultation.

The Adoption Process

The process for a legal Texas adoption is complex. Like all cases, it starts with the petition to the Court asking for the adoption. The steps in between filing the petition and a final decree can vary dramatically depending upon the type of adoption. You may expect to go through criminal background checks, social studies, steps for terminating parental rights of a biological parent, and more. Because of the requirements of adoption, an experienced attorney will save you time in navigating the laws and processes involved.

Step-Parent Adoption

Divorce is very common and although unfortunate, sometimes necessary. Often, after a divorce the biological father of a child is unable or unwilling to be part of that child’s life. But when a woman remarries, a new man has the opportunity to take over as the child’s father figure. The child, family, community and State of Texas are all beneficiaries of a man stepping up to take on the weight of raising a child when he had no responsibility to do so. As a result, Texas makes the process for a step-parent adoption a bit easier for the family.

A step-parent adoption is essentially two proceedings at the same time. First, the rights of the biological father are terminated. Often, the biological father will voluntarily relinquish his parental rights to the child, but under certain circumstances a father’s rights can be terminated even if he is resistant to relinquish his rights. Second, the step-dad adopts the child. This is a joyous event for all involved!

If you are in a situation where a step-parent adoption could be right for you, you need to call and set up a consultation to discuss your particular situation and your options. I are happy and proud to waive our consultation fee for those seeking a step-parent adoption.

What about step-Mothers?

We refer to step-fathers because that is by far more common. However, it is just as wonderful and honorable when a woman does the same thing. Do not think that we value step-mothers any less or have less of a desire to offer our assistance. To the contrary, we are just as happy to help you! After all, the point of the whole process is to give the child what all children deserve: a mother and a father.