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We Believe In New Beginnings. Is it Time for your New Happily Ever After?

Our team of professionals make Youngblood Law, PLLC the go-to law firm in Fort Worth for people who need not just a divorce, but a new beginning. We are who people call when they are ready to start a new happily ever after.

We believe in new beginnings, and we reject the typical toxic divorce process. Each member of our top tier legal team has been carefully chosen because of their unique skills and abilities, talents we apply for the benefit of our clients. We are devoted to helping our clients through the divorce process and beyond so they can live the life they truly want to live when the case is over.

Paul Youngblood Fort Worth Magazine Top Attorney


Meet Our Team

Paul Youngblood

Paul N. Youngblood, Esq.

Senior Attorney, Managing Partner

Holly Youngblood.

Holly L. Youngblood, Esq.

Senior Associate Attorney

Missy McAdoo.

Missy McAdoo

Client Advocate

Lisa Grimaldi.

Lisa Grimaldi

Senior Certified Paralegal, Legal Administrator

A team of professionals united in one purpose: moving you FORWARD to your New Happily Ever After!

Nancy Honeycutt.

Nancy Honeycutt

Paralegal and Receptionist

Awards and Recognitions

Tarrant County Experience
We are comfortable and effective in each of the six Family Courts in Fort Worth.
Often times, the difference in outcomes in a case can come down to knowing how the judges run their courts and what they want to see from lawyers and parties. Youngblood Law, PLLC knows what the courts want, and we deliver.
Responsive & Agile
Not too BIG and not too small
Unlike huge law firms where clients are just account numbers, we tailor our strategies for each client. Unlike solo lawyers, we bring the experience and skill of our top tier TEAM to bear for our clients.
Efficient & Effective
Systems and Procedures, not Luck
Each divorce case is different, but the proven policies, systems, and procedures we use keep cases moving without sacrificing attention to detail. Everything we do is designed to benefit our clients from the software we use, to the legal documents we produce. Everything has a purpose and is part of the plan.
Dedicated & Tenacious
Fierce in Court and Resolute in Negotiations
We believe in minimizing conflict because it saves our clients time and money while encouraging peace of mind. We negotiate issues whenever possible to efficiently get our clients what they want. However, when we must go to court for our clients, we do so for one purpose: to dominate and win.
Respected & Endorsed
Awarded, Recognized & Peer Endorsed
Numerous Top Lawyer awards, five star client ratings, and endorsements from attorneys in the local legal community, Youngblood Law, PLLC is well respected for our family law work for our clients.

Support Outside the Courthouse


Other Lawyers

We have a network of trusted attorneys who do other types of law. Whether you need a lawyer for probate, personal injury, criminal defense, or intellectual property, we can recommend lawyers we know and trust who do that kind of law.

Bankers We Trust

Many of our clients need to partner with a new banker to help with mortgages, re-financing a home, or personal loans. We have bankers and mortgage professionals we know and trust to help our clients get the financing they need.

Financial Planners We Trust

Divorce often requires a brand new plan for retirement. Our network of trusted financial planners help make sense of QDROs and retirement accounts. We partner with professionals from the biggest names in financial planning.

Trusted Contractors

A New Happily Ever After sometimes means an extensive remodel or a simple repair to the home. From repairing leaky roof to installing new plumbing, we know people. Our trusted contractors can get the job done right the first time.

Realtors We Trust

Selling or buying a house is often a result of a divorce. Best to have a trusted realtor on your side to get you into or out of a home ASAP. Our network of trusted realtors can streamline the process of buying or selling real estate.

Other Trusted Professionals

We have a vast network of other professionals who can help our clients. From massage therapists to accountants, from counselors to mechanics, if our clients have a need, we probably have a vetted contact to refer. Just ask us for a referral.

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