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Relieving stress. Dispelling fear. Replacing confusion with order. Starting a plan that moves you forward into the rest of your life. These are the purposes of our first meeting. The initial consultation will be an enlightening, helpful, and comforting experience for you.

You are the hero of your own story. Our goal is to help you make the informed decisions you need to make sure your story turns out the way you want. You tell us what’s important to you, and we start working on a plan to make that happen. As a dedicated family law firm, we know what to expect in your case, and we are here to provide you with the answers you need.

Here is what you can expect in your first consult with us:

Our initial meeting is a chance for us to meet one another. We will discuss your case, and you can ask those burning questions you’ve been wanting answered. This is how we will learn together if we are a good fit for each other. Since a lawyer and client must be 100% aligned for the client’s mission, it’s crucial to make sure the firm is a good match for the client, and the client is a good match for the firm.

Your life moving forward is our priority. The legal proceedings you face are merely a chapter in the book of your life. You want a lawyer who is focused on your goals, not just the legal strategies and procedures. So we will be asking questions about what you want for yourself and family when the case is over. Once we discuss the priorities and get to know each other we can then talk about finances, time frames, and expectations.

Your first consult sets the stage for the plan ahead.

We believe in truth and transparency. You need to know the unvarnished truth of your situation to make the best decisions. What are your opportunities, and what are your risks? Only after you clearly see your situation can you make informed decisions based on facts and goals, not fear or despair. We promise to give you a clear assessment of your situation.

Above all, our team is here to help you. By “help,” we mean four things:

  • We realize this is YOUR case. So, in every legal step of the Texas divorce process, we advise and represent YOU with top tier skill and experience. We offer counsel for you in all matters pertaining to child related decisions as well as property division issues. Also expect counsel you on practical considerations that will occur before, during, and after the proceedings.
  • We support you through the process of restructuring your family. We go to great lengths to make sure you and your children get through the entire divorce process in one piece mentally, emotionally, and financially. Our goal is to help you become healthier and happier than before.
  • You can expect outstanding customer care. We will always return your phone calls, emails or schedule face to face meetings when appropriate. We are here to get you through this transition in your life with personalized and attentive support.
  • When you need advice from other professionals, we use our network of service providers to help you. We have a network of trusted professionals in various industries to get you competent advice about non-legal topics you may need during the proceedings. Financial advisors, insurance providers, realtors, roofers, bankers, and more are happy to meet with you to offer the specialized information you need to make the best decisions possible. Any family law firm can get you a divorce. But we work to make sure you can move on to your new happily ever after with confidence.

Our Team

Our team will work as a single unit throughout the process to ensure that all matters are handled with efficiency and care. Our attorneys collaborate to develop the best strategies and tactics possible, so you get the experience of a skilled team working for you, not just a single lawyer. We stand ready to help you move forward in your life.

It is said that the greatest journeys start with a single step. Are you ready to take that step? If you are ready to move forward in your life, follow these three steps:

  1. Click the I’m Ready to Start button below to contact us. Or call us anytime at (817) 601-5345. Our phones are answered by real people 24/7.
  2. Set an appointment with our friendly staff to come visit with us for your no-obligation initial consultation. Be sure to ask about evening or weekend meeting times if you need)
  3. Meet in the safety and privacy of our office to discuss your case, your plan, and your future!

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